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Link and the DOE National Labs/Sites

Since LINK's founding we have had substantial projects at many of the DOE's most important sites, frequently working as a subcontractor a prime M&O. We had had multiple assignements at Sandia, Los Alamos, Idaho National, Hanford, Oak Ridge, Savannah River, and the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Facility. Typically our projects have been focused either on the nuclear weapons development or re-processing, or on advanced nuclear energy programs. More recently however, we have had more opportunities with the National Renewable Energy Lab or the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office - - relating to biofuel, biorefinery, or biomass programs. We are currently bidding for the 5-year contract to serve as Independent Engineer for EERE's biorefinery projects.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources International Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

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Navigating the evolving need for "Sustainable" demands perspective...and Link delivers.


From the Plant to the Boardroom, Link Navigates the Connectivities.


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Control Room Renewables & Bio-Energy Global Experience Sample Link Projects
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Energy Consulting, Strategy, and Engineered Solutions

  • Link as part of a Teledyne Brown Team wins Strategic Consulting Contract with TVA
  • Link submits response to DOE EERE Special Notice re: Weatherization
  • Link submits response to DOE Sources Sought: re: Offshore Wind
  • Link discusses partnering re: upcoming DOE Idaho Nuclear Energy Consulting
  • Link discusses teaming re: DOE Appliance Efficiency Sources Sought
  • Link as a part of the ICF International Team awarded USTDA IDIQ
  • Link as part of a Navigant Consulting Team wins a Navy e-Seaport contract
  • Link expands consulting work at Permatherm, a leading building energy efficiency supplier
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Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting National Laboratory

Over 19 years Links impact at the US national labs and nuclear weapons facilities has been substantial. With projects at Idaho, Los Alamos, Y-12, Hanford, Sandia, and Portsmouth to name a few.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Idaho National LabLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Idaho National Lab

Link provided expertise in nuclear plant start-up, especially as coupled with CERCLA regulations, conducted an extended audit of operational readiness, assisted with managing MSA and ORR operational risks and document mitigating actions, provided expertise to ensure that all MSA and ORR requirements are fulfilled, verified, objectively documented, organized and controlled in a manner that demonstrates accountability and supports an expedited MSA and ORR, served as the ORR Team Leader, per appointment by the Pit-9 (GEM) Operations Manager, and provided level-of-effort technical services assistance in preparing all Operations MSA and ORR deliverables as directed by the Pit-9 (GEM) Operations Manager.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting Y-12Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting Y-12

Link provided support to the restart of Enriched Uranium Operations (EUO) for Environmental Safety & Health (ESH) disciplines with specific emphasis in areas of Conduct of Operations (COO) and Operational Readiness (OR).
Link also provided support for Infrastructure Reduction activities associated with the readiness to complete the Argon Glovebox activities.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting HanfordLink Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting Hanford

Link provided Fluor Operational Readiness Review support for the Fluor Hanford (FH) Material Packaging Project. Link provided Startup Review Strategy for PFP Decommissioning (HNF-PRO-055). Link also supported the SNF Construction Projects, Project Director in the conduct of the Operational Readiness Review.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy IdahoLink Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Idaho

Link provided support by assessing/verifying Conduct of Operations and compliance issues at INTEC. Link evaluated Conduct of Operations implementation and Procedure Compliance to define areas for improvement and readiness for ISMS Phase II verification. Also evaluated the necessary organizational and/or cultural changes that needed to take place to ensure INTEC operated efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and DOE Orders.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting PortsmouthLink Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Consulting Portsmouth

Link provided proposal assistance, transition planning, and transition implementation for the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Facility as a major prime contractor was handing over to the new M&O contractor.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Los AlamosLink Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Energy Los Alamos

Link provided support in the NMSM-SMF Program Office in the Formality of Operations programs at all Stockpile Management Facilities (CMR, TA-55, TA-18, WETF, and SIGMA). Link also assisted in the effort to Implement Conduct of Operations (COO) at LANL in accordance with the ambitious schedule in the Implementation Plan (IP).

Link Resources SDVOSB Case Studies

•LINK National Lab and DOE Experience
•LINK Corporate Capabilities Statement

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